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There is a lot to meander through on this page when you have the passion and the time to do so.  For me Writing is what I do.  I have been asked to produce videos.  I will do this also.  But my preferred, most enjoyable mode of research and production has always been to use the written form.  

These articles cover three subjects, but all likely include an Astrological discourse, and all are certainly written inside specific Astrological energy points.  

Three subjects: 

  • Astrology
  • Psi and Spirituality
  • Psychology applied

Chakra Spinach the name and company started in 2009.  I wrote my first book on Venusian Astrology in the early to mid 90s.   Venusian Astrology is the same Astrology but from a Venusian perspective.  Why is this important?  And what does this mean? 

What is a Venusian perspective? 

A Venusian perspective is the perspective that Venus provides us with.  When Venus walks into a room she just is.  No-one argues with this.  She is Value.  And so are You.  This goes far beyond anything you say or do.  This Value is that which never changes, no matter how much you change.  Find this core and you equip yourself with a knowing confidence and self value.  

Once this value is discovered it is almost impossible not to value every other individual, no matter how much they may annoy you.  Is this what Unconditional Love really means?  I'm not sure but it must be a part of this I think. 

Mind / Body / Spirit integrated. 

My work comes from a fully integrated position.  This means that a lot of my writings will sound very practical and physical and three-dimensional.  You may be surprised to discover that my experience reveals that a healthy body with good water intake is important for doing psychic work, with water being a conductor of communication.  My writings are my own, but they are based on readings and experiences that I have accumulated over the years through the work of others as well as my own work.  I cite this throughout the articles. 

Most of all I hope you enjoy reading these articles.  You will find the latest Astrological articles at the bottom of the list.  I have started putting the dates on these so you can follow the Astrological weather from where they are born. 




The Pentagram reveals the movement of Venus.  Its lines also recognize the sacred geometry of Beauty.  Like the beauty of a rose, but especially the Beauty and Value of every Human Being.
The Scarab gets rid of the 'dung' and transforms it into something very much healthier.  Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

Venusian Astrology